Reach and help individuals and communities that are most in need creating access to preventive and curative medical services and, contribute, with the education of the youngest, to the development of tomorrow’s generation.


Rekko works with rural and urban communities, offering, free or low cost, high quality medical services with the objective of helping to solve one of the mayor issues in Guatemala : the lack of access to quality medical service by the most vulnerable part of the society. At Rekko we strive to offer with continuity access to general and specialist medical services (Odontology, Gynecology, Orthopedic, Psychology… ). Rekko is able to offer these services thanks to the work of both international volunteers and local personnel. We offer our service  in our two clinics Rekko7 and Rekko8 and as well during rural medical days where we try to get our services available to those that can’t reach our clinics.


Rekko has always strived to develop and grow in relation to the changes in needs of the local communities: for this reason since 2008 Rekko has activated a kindergarten service in Yepocapa within the Rekko7 building. The kindergarten, now named after the funder Gian-Carlo Noris, welcomes everyday between 50 and 60 kids with age varying between 3 and 6. With this initiative Rekko is trying to fill the need in the community for a space that can guarantee to the kids a safe and secure place where to be kids, while allowing the parents to carry on their daily activities without having to worry about the security of their kids. The kids that attend the kindergarten are involved in both educational and fun activities; moreover kids are involved into activities aimed in educating them about hygiene and civic life.

In conjunction with the kindergarten, we have activated a nutritional program which guarantees nutritional meals to the kids.


The concept of solidarity has been pivotal to the funding and development of Rekko and today it keeps being one of the core characteristics of the organization.  The ethical and social commitment is the common denominator of all our collaborators, volunteers and friends.  Solidarity keeps us together as an organization and is the only requisite in order to collaborate with us. Rekko is open to everyone independently from their religion, social background or political ideology.


Rekko Italia, based in Recco (Italia), was funded as a volunteering association in 1980 and has been then officialized in 1988. Initially known has Rekko “Third Age for the Third World” it is now known as Rekko “Health, Education and Solidarity”. Rekko in the ’80s and ’90s has completed multiple projects in Africa (Burundi and Tanzania): a small hospital (Rekko1), a school (Rekko 2),a kindergarten (Rekko3), a solar powered illumination system for a village (Rekko4), houses (Rekko5) and a water supply system (Rekko6). These first 6 projects are now completely independent from Rekko Italia because, as a result of a choice of the organization, their management was left in the hands of representatives of the local communities.

During the second part of the ‘90s Rekko has started to work in Guatemala where, as of today, it has built two medical clinics and a kindergarten, located in Antigua and Yepocapa, while funding the Rekko Guatemala associacion. Given the more complicated nature of the projects realized in Guatemala, Rekko Italia is still involved in the supervision of the activities of the two structures. However on the long run, remains the vision of being able to leave the management of the three structures to representatives of the local communities .


Rekko has always tried to follow the need of the local communities in ideating and developing new projects. For this reason it is difficult to forecast the new projects that Rekko will commit with; most likely however, a side from the commitment in the area of health, in the future there will be an increased commitment with projects with social and educational purposes. In the short term, one of the new objectives of Rekko Italia is to support the creation of a community library in Yepocapa taking advantage of the physical space offered by Rekko7 installation.



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